Family Connections

William Joseph Ball was  Father's grandfather and got to know him during visits to the Ball home in Auburn, California.  The two families had known each other through their memberships at the First Congregationalist Church in the little foothill town North East of Sacramento. 

Sarah Jane Neyhardt Ball, William's wife, was active in the church along with her husband and the Pillsburys. 

Father's Mother was William and Sarah Jane's oldest daughter, Sylvia Florance Ball Pillsbury.  Sylvia attended Stanford University with the first class in 1892 along with the two sons of Drs. Harlin Henry and Harriet Foster Pillsbury.  

To the left you see Sylvia with Ernest laughing, while Ernest's younger brother, Arthur C. Pillsbury, also a student at Stanford, takes their picture.  

Dr. Ernest and Sylvia were married in 1896 and Ernest attended medical school at Cooper's, now Stanford Medical Center. 

On September 4th, 1911 both Ernest and Sylvia were killed in an automobile accident while on their way to Santa Barbara to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Their three children, Ernest Sargent, Jr., Grace Sylvia, and Arthur Francis, were in the back seat. 

Six weeks later Arthur C. Pillsbury adopted the three children in Oakland.  Father well remembers the event.  The Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation was founded to maintain Grandfather's legacy.  Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.

So both brothers are, by law, grandfathers to numerous grandchildren and remembered for their many goodnesses along with Sylvia who was, by all reports, a witty, kind, and loving woman very much taken with developments in the field of mathematics. 

For more information on the Pillsbury lineage visit The Pillsbury Family 

The Ball Sisters 
The two younger daughters of Sarah Jane and William Joseph were Cora Lulu Ball, born April 14, 1873 in Williamsport Pennsylvania and Belinda Ball, born November 4, 1885.  Cora married George Pendleton Collins April 27, 1904 and died November 3, 1941.

Belinda Ball, born  November 4, 1882 in Hepburnville, Penn,  married Samual Benjamin, died abt 1961.

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